Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another good read

On Friday my husband and I were in Lafayette to run some errands, then we were heading to our youngest daughter's house to help her celebrate her birthday.  We had some time to kill between our last stop at Target and her usual 'return home' time after work.  Where to go?  What to do?

I voted for spending some time at my favorite store, Barnes and Noble, which worked well because my husband could browse his favorite section (DVDs), then walk over to Best Buy and check out whatever he wanted there.

My first stop is always the Bargain Books area, where I picked up a KitchenAid cookbook to look through.  Next I surveyed the New Publications or the New Non-fiction, hoping to find the biography of Pat Summitt, the coach of the Lady Vols from the University of Tennessee.  After I found a copy, I headed to the Cafe, purchased a cup of Hot Caramel Apple Cider, and settled into a chair to peruse the reading material.

The KitchenAid cookbook I quickly decided to return to the shelf; although it offered good recipes and techniques to use with the KitchenAid itself, even at the bargain price of $9.99 it wasn't worth adding another cookbook to my collection. 

The Pat Summitt book intrigued me. I opened the book to random sections and read a few pages at a time.  I have always admired her, and we were lucky enough to see her in action during a tournament game at Purdue one season several years ago.  Recently she resigned (or retired) due to the onset of Early Alzheimer's Disease.  She is very young for that disease to attack as it did---she is in her early 60s. I may have mentioned before that my tastes in reading have swayed to biographies and non-fiction from the usual Bestsellers that I had read for many years.  This seemed like a good choice for my collection.

My husband returned from his stroll to Best Buy, and he asked my opinion of the book. I wanted it.  However, I wasn't going to buy it. While I enjoyed the feel of the book and flipping through the pages (it was a hardback copy), the price was $28.00 as opposed to the $12.99 on my Nook.  Even with my Barnes and Noble discount, the Nook price was too good to pass up. 

Now I have several books on my Nook or Kindle to read once May 12 rolls around.  I am looking forward to sitting in my sunroom, feet up on the ottoman, sipping a glass of iced tea, and exploring some 'good reads' that have been waiting for me.

Side note:  I couldn't find the Pat Summitt book so I had to ask.  When the B and N salesperson walked away after locating the copy for me, he chuckled and said, "Hey!  Great title too!"   What is it?  Sum It Up.   Get it?



  1. Good for you Mrs. S., come May 12 you deserve a break!! Happy, happy reading!! I too, have plans for summer break. About a month ago, I bought a new journal; it's title is "The Story of a Lifetime-A Keepsake of Personal Memoirs". I plan on filling as much as possible in the book over summer-and it is a huge book! It has 383 pages. I have not really looked through it yet, because if I do I will want to begin writing now and with school wrapping up, I will not have the time. I plan on leaving this as part of my legacy to my children and grandchildren, along with other things I have written. Now, as to which child will come to possess this book, I do not know. They can argue over it after I am gone from this earth! That reminds me of years ago, when my children were in their early teens; they actually got into a big argument, with me standing right there, about who was getting what after I passed away! I didn't know what to think! I thought it to be kind of funny at the time and still do...Kids, you gotta love them!!

  2. I saw this story about her on the news a few weeks ago and thought that would be an interesting book to read. I have noticed since I have gotten older my taste in books has changed. I have read one of Tony Dungy's books and thoroughly enjoyed it. I know he has more out but have not checked them out yet. I also read one about Dennis Rodman that was interesting, I am not a big sports fanatic but Dennis is different and I wanted to see what his story was. I will have to download her book on my kindle, Thanks for the reminder!