Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starting early....

Today I took the day off to spend time with both daughters. They have spring break at the same time this year, so I asked them to choose Tuesday (when I have only office hours) or Thursday (when I am not on campus) as the day to do something with Mom. They picked today, so off we went to Michigan City to the outlet mall, then to Valparaiso for lunch and a stop at Target. We found new maternity clothes for Megan, Vera Bradley purses for me and Hilary, and other items for Easter and birthday gifts.

At some point we began to talk about reading and the early age that both of them began to read. Megan is more of a reader than Hilary, and I think I worked more with her because she was my first child..more time, fewer distractions. Landon is 3 and knows how to spell his name, recognizes letters, and will probably pick up reading quickly...and soon. Megan and Matt's child will most likely be a reader since both of them are avid readers.

If parents encourage reading and model reading for their children, then the children will have a better opportunity to learn to love books as well. A child who reads well usually does much better in school. I know that many will disagree with me, that I have no research to support my views, and that my side of the argument is extremely weak, but this is what I believe.

Landon and I read together often. He reads with his mommy before bedtime. I am sure my new grandchild will have a collection of books in his/her little library.

If this Mamaw has anything to say about it, we will be starting early..and loving every minute of the process! Bring on the books!

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